Dr. Varayini Yoganathan, BDS, DClinDent (Endo)(Otago)

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Dr.Varayini Yoganathan completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery at University of Otago. Soon after graduating, she worked as a dental officer at Westmead Hospital in Sydney for a year prior to working as a private practioner. She then returned to New Zealand and completed her three year advanced training, "Doctorate of Clinical Dentistry, Endodontics" at University of Otago.

She is a registered Endodontist and a member of the Australian Society of Endodontology and  many other professional organisations.  She has worked across several practices in New South Wales as an associate and had now moved onto operating as a company, Advanced Endodontics. She excited to be working as an in-house Endodontist at the Specialist Dental Suite & Specialist Dental Practice.

Dr. Varayini prides herself on delivering exceptional service, expertise, and compassionate care to all of her patients.  She has the experience and training to anticipate any potential complications and treat advanced, complex cases with ease and confidence. She has extensive experience and always willing to assist her patients and colleagues.

Her areas of special interest are microscopic endodontics and microsurgery. She has incorporated the latest technological advances and state of the art equipment into her practice.

Other than endodontics, Varayini enjoys photography, sports, theatre, travel and spending time with her family and friends. She is also committed to regular exercise and enjoys cooking healthy food.

She encourages you to contact her for your endodontic needs and she will ensure that you have the most pleasant experience possible from the initial consultation through to the end of your visit and beyond.

Dr. Varayini YoganathanBDS, DClinDent (Endo)(Otago)

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